Revolutionising your pitching and pricing process

Why use Hessian's AI for pitching and pricing?

Streamline Workflow

Seamlessly automate time consuming pitching and pricing tasks. Simply upload an RfP, and receive a fully priced fee quote in seconds. Reclaim your valuable time and make your operations effortlessly efficient.

Data-Driven Precision

Hessian utilises machine learning to make data driven pricing decisions for you. Leveraging your historical data, Hessian identifies concerns and optimises profitability, delivering strategic pricing recommendations.

Generative AI

Effortlessly generate custom emails, engagement letters, and pitch decks. Our AI system creates personalised communications and documents for each project, freeing you from the administrative burden.

AI Powered RfP Scanner

Unleash the power of AI with Hessian

Simply drag and drop an RfP sent from a client into our scanner. Our AI technology will be able to pull out key insights, understand the scope of the work and prepare a fee quote.
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Machine Learning Fee Quote

Automatic pricing from deals history

Unlock precision pricing with our Machine Learning fee quote. Our AI model analyses your transactions history, revealing the optimal pricing based on real data and workflow correlations.
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Generative AI Outputs

Produce pitch documents instantly

Seamlessly complete the automation loop with Generative AI outputs. With a simple click, effortlessly export RfP requirements, craft client engagement emails, generate engagement letters, and create compelling pitch decks. It's the final piece for total end-to-end automation, from RfP to client-ready materials.
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Experience the Transformation

Schedule a demo with our team to see Hessian Flow in action. Witness firsthand how our platform can revolutionise your pitching and pricing processes, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.
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